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Packaging Your Passion

You’ve got a great idea, and you want to get it online, make a difference in people’s lives, and create income from it. But how exactly do you create an online business based on your passion?

The Passion: What could the online business look like? What kinds of services and products could be offered?

The Packages: Web sites, ebooks, courses, membership sites, audio, video, newsletters, surveys, shopping carts – all sound great, but how, exactly, are you supposed to create them?

The Promotion: How do you effectively get the word out? How do you build a strong reputation online?

It’s frustrating to have something to offer and not be able to put it into the hands of the people who want it. Figuring out how to get it all done can be overwhelming! I know. I’ve been there!

There are certainly plenty of books and courses out there to tell you what to do and how to build websites, produce videos, even self-publish a book, but it’s still up to you to do the steps, figure out the details, and work through any challenges you have along the way. It can be quite the daunting task!

Fear no more …

Help is here, right now …

Live …

One-on-one …

ME-KITINGMy name is Carl Contino, and I’m an online business coach & web developer.

I know exactly what it feels like to be itching to get my passion up and out into the world but to be stuck in various ways, being overwhelmed with the options and choices to consider when planning my online venture or having technical issues and lack of know-how.

I want to offer you the very thing that I was looking for myself – one person who can show you what’s possible, what needs to done, and then, most importantly, someone who can work with you to create any or all of the pieces of your business, including your site and any products you want to offer like an ebook, video, or online course.

I help make the process of bringing your ideas to life much easier for you by cutting to the chase, weeding out the extraneous, and simply creating the pieces on the spot as you watchon your computer screen from anywhere in the world.

I absolutely love helping people share their passion with the world, and when I’m working with my clients, I bring “the all of me” to the table. You can read about my background here.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you with your particular project …



  • Comprehensive development for your online business, site, and content.
  • One-on-one coaching by phone and “screen sharing.”
  • Unlimited email coaching to keep things moving between sessions.
  • Free customized how-to videos you can access anytime.
  • Additional resources to help you with all facets of your project.


  • Have one person to help you with your project needs.
  • No more guessing and going back and forth with a designer. Instead, you’ll have a real sense of ownership of what you and I create together.
  • Reduce overwhelm by having someone coach you through the steps and simplify the process.
  • Learn as much or as little of the process as you like. In the very least, you’ll familiarize yourself with the essentials of what it takes to create your site or other package by witnessing what happens “behind the scenes” to create them.
  • When those lovely tech “glitches” happen with your computer, we’ll work through them together.
  • Get your project up and running in the shortest time possible.
  • Have BIG fun creating your online business. There’s simply nothing more exciting than bringing your passion to life!

Know this …

Together, you and I can do this! We can design your site, self-publish your book, create your online course, or whatever package you want so that you can share your passion with others in powerful and engaging ways. It’ll save you a great deal of time, make the process much simpler (and more fun!), and give you a peek into the process so that you can learn what it takes to bring your ideas to life.

If you’re unsure what you want to do, we’ll figure it out together. If you have concerns or questions, we’ll address them. And when challenges arise, whatever they may be, we’ll work through them together.

It’s all about providing you everything you need to get your ideas, your expertise, what you truly love, up and out into the world.

So …

Are you ready to get going on your project?

If you answered “yes,” and you think what I offer sounds interesting …


The best way to really see if this is what you’re looking for is to schedule a free session with me. We’ll talk about your ideas, what you need, and how I can help. Then we can connect our computer screens up so we can do a quick “screen-sharing” demo so you can get a great idea of what it’d be like “co-creating” your project together.

There’s no pressure, and it’s a lot of fun. Even if you’re not sure if you’re ready to get started just yet, connect with my anyway. I promise you that you’ll have a clearer sense of the direction you want to go and what it’ll take to get you there.


Explore More …

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  • See what others say about their experiences of “co-creating” their projects with me.
  • Read Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the details and have questions you may have answered.
  • Or just call me. My number is 716-462-5093. Ask for Carl.