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My Story

I’ve always had an insatiable appetite for figuring out how things work – nothing was safe from my probing mind. Littered with the guts of my toys, model planes, rockets, gadgets, tools of inquiry like my microscope, chemistry set, and telescope, my bedroom was my laboratory for discovering how things work. The smells of glue, solder, and paint seeping underneath the door told anyone walking by that I was hard at play.

Heroes like Evil Knievel, The World’s Strongest Man, and the Six Million Dollar Man were an endless source of inspiration for me. Every Friday night, sitting cross-legged 3 feet away from the TV screen, eating Bocce’s pizza, I’d feel the thrill of watching Steve Austin run like a cheetah, lift a car with superhuman strength to save a child pinned underneath, and see danger a mile away with his bionic eye.

I too wanted to be able to do the incredible, the miraculous, things that have never been done before. Whether flying off the bike ramp, speeding down the ski slope as fast as I could (with as few turns as possible), or skate boarding down the hill on my street, I was constantly testing the limits.

Nothing could stop me.

Or so I thought.

Long story short? It turns out that what was to define my life was not my dreams and aspirations but, ironically, the numerous unexpected challenges I’ve had pursuing my dreams! Today as a life coach, I get to support people in realizing their dreams and living their passion, by helping them work through any and all challenges they themselves may face, including technology … hence, my motivation behind Packaging Your Passion!

I love helping people transform their passion into viable online enterprises by bringing together my experience as an online business coach, computer skills teacher, life coach, and designer to offer a complete, one-stop shop to walk folks through every step needed to bring their creations to full fruition.

What follows is an extensive list of my life’s experiences, background, and the fun I like to have 🙂


My Passions

I love getting my hands into all sorts of things, like drawing, sculpture, table top waterfall design, playing percussion, inventing gadgets like aTalking Caller ID and Automatic Guitar Tuner, and more …

The following is a sampling of what I like to do (click on any of the images to see full-size image gallery):


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Even More about me ….

Coaching Experience

Personal Development Coach -1997-present, help people lead empowered lives.

Teen Coaching – taught Life Principles to kids ages 13-15, 1st Premier Education – 1200 John Reed Ct., Industry, Ca 91745

Life Coaching – Curts (a.k.a. Dr. Fits’n’Stiches), a former homeless person: helped change his focus by providing hope, inspiration, and food. He’s had an apartment and job for over a year and hopes someday to be a stand up comedian.

Health & Peak Performance Coaching – Joakim Ekburg, musician: helped him obtain peak levels of health and to expand his outlook on his career as a percussionist. He currently plays with Jackie D`Shannon and Nancy Sinatra and is a regular musician at the famous Baked Potato in Los Angles.

Creativity Coaching – Kern Konwiser, producer & director: helped free up his creative approach in his career and handling the stress of the film industry. He is an Emmy Award Filmmaker (Miss Ever’s Boys, On Hallowed Ground) living in Los Angeles.

Exceptionally Challenged Coaching – Jason Lockwood, an “exceptionally challenged” teenager: explored the gifts hidden within his challenges. Also enrolled him in a reading course at the California Literacy Center, his first class at Pasadena City College, and in a course offered by the Pasadena Public Access Television Station for hands on experience running camera equipment. He is deeply connected with his community and is running his own hot dog stand for income.

Relationship Coaching – Jennifer R., mother: helped her with getting custody of her child, Ryan, by finding ways to work with the father out of court. Today, she has an amicable relationship with the father and works closely with him in creating the very best for their son.



Instructor – 12 years experience teaching adults & children guitar, percussion, creativity principles, and basic computer & Internet skills.
Business – 1994-1997, Water’s Edge Fountains – ran all aspects of my business including the creation, development, marketing, and sales of custom indoor waterfalls.



Los Angeles Music Academy – Pasadena, Ca., 1998-1999, studied & performed with African, Latin, and Brazilian percussion instruments.

University at Buffalo – Buffalo, NY, 1993-1996, GPA 3.53, Cum Laude, received Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Buffalo State College – Buffalo, NY, 1991-1992, studied Creative Problem Solving techniques.

Musician’s Institute of Technology – Hollywood, Ca., 1989-1990, studied contemporary music.

Philadelphia College of Performing Arts – Philadelphia, Pa., 1987-1988, studied Jazz guitar.


Additional Training

International Coaching Federation – 2003-present, Buffalo, NY, coach certification seminar series. Also a founder and board member of the local chapter.

Coachville – 2001-present, Buffalo, NY, core training. Participated on the R&D Team with the late Thomas Leonard, the “father of coaching.”

Landmark Education – 1998-1999, Toronto, Canada & Buffalo, NY Seminar series, Curriculum for Living – life mastery, personal development, coaching.

Tony Robbins – 1997, Toronto, Canada Seminar, Unleashing the Power Within – human potential, NLP, life mastery, coaching.

International Sports Science Association – Personal Trainer certification course.



Fly Be Free …

Carl Contino

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