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PYP Core Website Package

I absolutely love helping people share their passion with the world, and when I’m working with my clients, I bring “the all of me” to the table. When you hire me as your web developer, you are also getting a …

Creativity Specialist – I am all about creativity and love brainstorming ideas, article/site titles, tag lines, and other inspiring ideas. We’ll spend plenty of time “visioneering” what your site needs in order to reflect your branding, message, and objectives in a way that engages your visitors and entices them to take action.

Trained Life Coach – It’s inevitable that challenges will come up, and it’s very helpful to have an objective listener by your side to help you work through them.

Tech Teacher – you can learn as little or as much as you like about web design, image editing, video creation, online technologies, and more in real time by watching my computer screen as I show you the steps.

Tech Support – I’m here to help with any computer snaffoos, glitches, and hiccups that invariably come up. Email or call me anytime, even weekends! I can even create quick how-to videos on request.

Enthusiastic Partner – I can’t help but get excited working with folks on their projects. There’s something intrinsically thrilling about helping an idea or passion come to full fruition!


Optional Key Feature – “Co-creating” in real time

Instead of handing off the work to a designer, waiting for them to get the work done, and then going back and forth until everything is completed to your satisfaction (hopefully), I offer a unique opportunity to be part of the creative process by watching me put the pieces together as you provide feedback and ideas on what you like. You simply connect to my computer screen from anywhere in the world, sit back, relax, and watch your site come to life! There are significant advantages to this approach:

  1. Efficiency – cut out the back and forth game by seeing it done right the first time as you tell me what works and what doesn’t.
  2. Sense of ownership – you will have played a part in creating your site and will know that you’re getting exactly what you want … because you get to see your site come to life as you watch!
  3. Synergy – the power of two minds coming together with a single purpose – very powerful!
  4. Learn – by watching me put the pieces together, you can learn as much or as little as you like. In the very least, you’ll have a decent idea of the process, taking some of the mystery out of it.
  5. Dare I say …. it’s a lot of fun! My clients really enjoy this approach!

Note: You do not have to be there for every single step, only when you want. I am happy to handle any or all of it on my own. It’s up to you!


Core Features

  • Consultation – we’ll spend plenty of time planing and sketching out what your website needs to do, what features it needs to accomplish your goals, and begin “visioneering” what design elements your site will have.
  • Custom-designed template that can be used with the most popular systems like WordPress and Joomla. You can update the template design anytime.
    • Complete page and site layout
    • Design of graphics, header image, navigation elements
    • Scanning and placement of photos or pictures
    • Background graphic (if required)
    • Navigation controls
    • Forever expandable to suit your needs
  • Links to all pages. I’ll show you how to create your own.
  • Content Management System – WordPress or Joomla
    – This is how you’ll manage your site. You’ll be able to easily add your own content whenever you want, including text and images. Included with the package is a one-hour tutorial on how to update your content on the fly – easy to do!
  • Up to 20 pages of fully-formatted content
    • Includes header image, background image if desired, and up to 2 images per page (any purchased images will be extra – usually between $5-$20 per image).
  • Setup and format a blog (if desired) including sidebar “Recent Posts” and “Recent Comments”
  • Create and insert an opt-in form for email marketing and list building
  • Plugin for Social Media – share your content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more
  • Search Engine Optimization – We’ll set up the fundamentals for effective search engine results, including titles and meta tags, friendly URLs, and submitting your site to the top search engines.
  • Coordination with Internet Service Provider
  • Loading your site onto the web
  • Reviewing your site on-line, troubleshooting and fine tuning


Base Package Price: $4,000


If you’re ready to get started, click on the PayPal link below to make the first payment of 50% of the total cost. Once completed, I’ll get an email confirmation of your purchase, at which time I’ll contact you for next steps and to make our first appointment together.


Optional Features

Other features (not included with base package) can be added anytime. Whatever you envision, we can do it!

  • Setup and instructions for adding videos to your content
  • Front page “sliders” and/or display boxes that showcase your top features using animated images and text
  • Customized Contact form
  • RSS news feeds
  • Widgets and Plugins – for just about any added feature you can think of!
  • Discussion Forum to help create a community-based site
  • Membership site – including login to member’s area, automated payment processing, member management, and more.
  • Custom programming – have a great idea but don’t know exactly how it would work? We can come up with a wide variety of creative ideas to help engage your visitors – interactive games, demos, and other out-of-box ideas.
  • NEWMobile Apps that work on iPhone, iPad, Android, and most other mobile devices.


Create other “packages” to offer your clients and customers:

  • Create and self-publish both for-print books and ebooks that you can offer on your site, Amazon, and Apple iStore that can be read on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle, Nook, and other ebook readers.
  • Online courses that your visitors can sign up for – both live and pre-recorded.
  • Videos – we can create simple videos with a few different styles including Power Point presentations with voice narration, image-based videos, and web cam videos.
  • Webinars – both live and pre-recorded presentations
  • Newsletter template – you can use a base template and easily add your own content for each edition.
  • Custom pages for Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

All of the above are in addition to the base package and is $95 per hour. I can provide details and estimated cost for any add ons you may be interested in.


Bottom Line Benefits

  • Get your project up and running in the shortest time possible.
  • Instead of guessing and going back and forth with a designer, you’ll have a real sense of ownership of what you and I create together.
  • Reduce overwhelm by having someone coach you through the challenges that come up.
  • Learn as much or as little of the process as you like. In the very least, you’ll familiarize yourself with the essentials of what it takes to create your site or other package by witnessing what happens “behind the scenes” to create them.
  • When those lovely tech “glitches” happen with your computer, we’ll work through them together.
  • Have one person to help you with all your project needs.
  • Have BIG fun creating your online business. There’s simply nothing more exciting than bringing your passion to life!

If you have any questions, call me anytime at 716-462-5093 or email me at

To your success and well-being!




Carl Contino



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