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What My Clients Say

Richard Friesen – Founder of Mind Muscles Academy

Richard and I have been developing his online training courses for traders for the past year, and here’s what he has to say (be sure to play the video below):


About a year ago, I asked Carl to put up a web page (and training courses) for my Mind Muscles Academy, which is a training program for active and professional traders.

How can we engage our users? How can we keep them going?

Working with Carl over the next several months has out-performed my expectations considerably. He has produced the (online training) experience in ways I never thought possible.

Carl is energetic, he’s passionate, he’s committed, he is very precise down to the pixel about how he organizes and how things look.

I have now a training program that looks great and produces happy customers that keep coming back for more.

Carl Contino … he’s my man, I continue to use him, and I give you my highest recommendations!

John T Marohn – Retired College Professor, Author

John and I have been working together for the past few years on computer skills and more recently on self-publishing his first (and now four) books. We designed his cover, the interior pages, web site, business card, letter head, postcards, and large posters for bookstores and then published his book under our company, Beaufleuve Publishing. We also created a 2-3 year marketing strategy for selling his books locally and online:


I have worked with Carl over the last two years, particularly on my novel, Tiorunda Stories, which had a successful Buffalo, New York debut this year.

Carl is perfectionist, in the good sense of that term. His painstaking and successful efforts in formatting the cover of the novel, establishing a web site, and working out the technical printing details have all contributed to the success of the work. His strong aesthetic sense has also added an artistic element to the cover of the novel in addition to his wide knowledge of various venues that would open my work to both niche and general audiences.

I am currently working with Carl on a new project that will include a Web site for a daily alcohol recovery diary. I am impressed with his working knowledge of web site technology and his strong artistic sensibility that is giving the web site an added creative element.

I look forward to working with Carl on other future projects, including my latest book and online community, A Recovery Journey,” as well as my International Film Studies site where I’ll be offering ecourses on history & culture through film.

Irene Majchrzak – Financial Advisor

Within moments of meeting Irene, I could tell she was someone special. Her capacity to embrace her passion and her infectious enthusiasm has made it an utter joy working with her as we’ve gone through the steps to creating her online business to help people retire debt-free. I recently gave a presentation for her Zonta group, and this is what she had so say:


When I retired last year, I was sure I needed to do more than baby sit my grandchildren, do laundry, help my son at the speedway, travel, participate in Zonta, and a million other things.

I knew I was missing something, but what? For one, it was learning, gaining more knowledge, and most importantly, the value I brought to my clients as a financial advisor.

Then I met Carl, and we began to create my new life. Carl and I have a very strong relationship. We meet weekly, and for the past year, I have gained so much knowledge, and, yes, it’s been fun! I’ve got my ebook and my website completed. My next thing is creating an introductory video of my first course I’m offering as a downloadable product.

I just can’t tell you how exciting it’s been. It’s just a wonderful thing for me to have met Carl and to have this opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives again. It’s been so amazing to know there’s this world out there that I never knew how to access, and that, for me, has been the best part of working with Carl.

Linda Hough – Transformative Trainer & Coach

For the last three years, Linda and I have been part of a coaching Master Mind group. Linda needed some help putting together her web site:


Working on a web site can be a very frustrating experience, not to mention turning your ideas into products. Fortunately, I have the ultimate resource!

With Carl’s help, my site, MineYourOwnDiamonds, was put together in no time at all. It was amazing how, through the miracle of technology, I was able to ‘look over Carl’s shoulder’ (from over four thousand miles away – I live in France) as he as showed me step-by-step how to put it all together.

As we collaborated in real time, I saved lots time by not having to use email to go back and forth or interpreting visual ideas – instead, I got to watch as the site took shape. And now that I know how a web site is put together, I can make changes myself. Most recently, we added a contact form quickly and effortlessly.

Connecting our computer screens through the Internet is a super efficient and fun way to work. Thanks Carl for all your help. I had so much fun, I’m doing it again!

Chris Lombardo  – Personal Trainer

I got a call one day from my old friend, Christian. He was about to give his first personal training seminar and wanted to give the participants something to take with them. After discussing the possibilities, we decided to create an ebook with embedded exercise videos that they could try when they got home:


With the help of my coach, Carl Contino, I was able to launch my ebook for my personal training business, Fortitude Fitness, not only on time for a presentation I was giving, but the quality was AWESOME! I had all the tools I needed to create my first ebook for my personal training business. Even though we live over 500 miles apart from each other, my buddy (and Life Coach) and I were able to create my ebook through the Internet using the virtual collaboration tools.

What I could not do alone I was able to do with the support and vision of another – a key lesson I’ve learned on my path to success.

I ABSOLUTELY recommend anyone interested in pursuing their passion sign up NOW for Carl’s service, as this will guide you to where you have never thought possible on your journey! DO IT!

Kelley Doyle – Life Coach

I worked with Kelley, a fellow life coach, to start her site from scratch. She went from knowing close to nothing about the process to then finishing her site and going on to a second month with me where she learned how to create her own guest book and intake form. I’m so impressed with her! Here’s what Kelley has to say about her experience:

kelleydoyleI hired Carl to help me launch my business web site, Kelley Doyle Coaching, and I was amazed at how easy and fun he made it. I knew nothing about designing web pages or how to launch them and now I am a pro! The best part is that I can change the copy or add features any time I want for no money! Thanks to Carl’s help and skills-training my friends and colleagues now see me as a web expert!

Jeanette Deboer – Life Coach

Jeanette came to me wanting to take the first step in creating her web site. In a short time she’s created the beginnings of a wonderful site. Here are her comments on her experience:

JeanetteWhen I met Carl I certainly didn’t have any idea on what was possible in creating my own web site. With Carl’s help I was able to create a simple web site in a very short time, and with his encouragement I am seeing the value of doing my own work. I have become more creative and gotten my own ideas, which is very exciting for me. Thanks Carl!



Testimonials for Life Coaching


kernKern Konwiser
Emmy-Winning Film Director & Producer

Carl has created one of the most original and invigorating frameworks for enjoying creative freedom in even the simplest and most mundane parts of everyday life. It’s a simple and achievable way to engage in courageous living. If it’s true that everything that we do is motivated by either our hopes or our fears, then Carl’s created a way to act on our hopes without being distracted by our fears.

In my career as a filmmaker, there are countless risks that I have to take. I turn to Carl’s methods on a daily basis to help me make those choices with courage and conviction. He’s helped to give me a creative freedom that I might not otherwise have claimed as my artistic right.



joakim2013Joakim Ekberg

Carl, you need to know what a huge impact you had on my life when we were roommates in music school, I lost 70 lbs (!) in 12 weeks because of what you showed me. And you taught me how to live my life…you told me things that I’ll never forget. And Jimmy…remember him barging in and doing push-ups in front of the tv? How he put down the booze, lost weight, and got those huge shoulders?!

I often speak of those days you helped us both out, coming up with a nutrition plan, working out together, coaching us on life and how to live it to the max. You did all that…you, my friend.

You need to tell your story, guy. The world needs to hear what you have to say, so don’t be so damn modest about it!



Cyd--b-wCyd Cox
Professional Coach

I personally could write a dissertation about the ways I enjoyed your presentation … nothing but inspirational. In fact it was just right for me considering what I

needed that day. I could go on and on really, and I will at some point.

For now I will say this: I think you have a knack for articulating ideas. And you have great ideas…ideas people need to hear.

You are a shining star.



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